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Laughter Is The Best Medicine


NOTE: For those fans of the show, this story would take place shortly after Sailor Venus joined the team. Around the halfway point of the first season.


"Oh Tuxedo Mask..." Cerena said as she floated through a glittering twilight being lead by the hand of her beloved. She was garbed in a flowing white dress with jewels in her hair. In a blink of an eye, the two were laying in a field of endless flowers laughing together. Cerena looked down at her love who had removed her shoes and began giving her a foot massage. "Do you love me Tuxedo Mask?"

"Of course my love. There is no doubt." He said as he ran his index finger under Cerenas sole.

"Hehehe, stop, that tickles! Hehehe.." Cerena said as she giggled.

"Yes, I know....."


"Cerena wake up!" Cerenas cat Luna yelled as she swiped her tail back and forth on Cerenas left foot. Cerena giggled in her sleep still thinking it was Tuxedo Mask who was doing the ticklng. "CERENAAAA!!!!"

"AAAAAAAH!" Cerena yelled as she was rudely awakened and fell out of bed. " head..." She reached over for the alarm clock. "OH NO I'M LATE!!" Downstairs Cerenas family listened to the trademark running and rushing of Cerena getting ready for school and as she ran Mach 1 through the kitchen out the door. "I'm late! I'm late!" Luna was trying to catch up with Cerena.

"CERENA!!! ITS SUNDAY!!!!" Luna yelled. Cerena literally fell over when she heard this.

"Aw man, so why did you wake me up so early then?" Cerena asked annoyed.

"Remember? You were supposed to meet the other scouts at that new spa down town?" Luna said with an attitude.

"Oh thats right!" Cerena said now smiling and dreaming of being pampered like a princess at the hands of some really cute male massusse.


"Zoecite!" Queen Beryl began. "My patience is wearing thin. All our attempts to harness human energy has failed! I am begginning to think you are not worthy to serve me."

"Wait Queen Beryl, my new plan is already in effect!" Zoecite said in her own defense.

"This better be good..." Beryl said as she calmed down.

Zoecite began.."My sources have found a weakness in the human race. An incredible weakness that is especially strong in the female of the species. The humans call this "tickling". An odd practice in which the body is touch and the nerves stimulated in a way that causes spasmic laughter and weakness of the body. Humans being "tickled" are completely helpless in this state. And there areas of the body that are more prone to this that others."

"So how is this going to help us?" Beryl asked.

"When humans are tickled, especially females who are often more "ticklish" they exert an incredible amount of energy, leaving them sweating, red, and out of breath. I believe we can use this odd practice to drain their energy to the maximum!" Zoecite answered exuberantly.

"Hmm....and you are sure of these studies? I find it kind of hard to believe, laughter forced fort by touching the body..."

"I am sure of it my queen! I have already set up a rouse to draw in our victims. It is whats called a "Health Spa" where humans go to be pampered and treated like royalty. There they are given massages, manicures and pedicures among other things. And I have chosen a servant to help me. Tengis! Come forward!" With her call, a strange creature appeared. It was a tall female humanoid with pointed ears, light blue skin, long white hair and wings. She wore an odd Kimono style garb. A pair of 3-toed talons protruded from the bottom.

"I got ahold of a human subject and tested these theories. Sure enough the energy exertion was off the scale. And Tengis here seemed to be the most effective as a "tickler" and got the most responce out the subject."

"Very well Zoecite. I give your plan my approval. But you better not fail me!"

"I will not my queen." And with that word, Zoecite and Tengis vanished.


"Hey guys!" Cerena yelled running towards her friends. She had changed into jean shorts, t-shirt and sandals. The rest of the scouts were wearing similar light clothing.

"Its about time you got here meatball head!" Rei said with an attitude.

"Sorry! I overslept! Well I'm here anyway." Cerena said out of breath.

"We better hurry and beat the crowd." Amy said leading the way to the front door. A light mist from a nearby steam room hit them as they entered.

"Welcome to Madame Tengisa's Health Club where we pamper and massage your worries away. May I help you?" Said the tall light haired woman who greeted them. "We are having a special discount for the first 20 customers you know. And just in luck, our 15th customer just entered shortly ago. You 5 just made the deadline!"

"Alright!" Cerena exclaimed.

"What is it you want today? A massage? A manicure? Pecicure? Maybe one of out theraputic mud baths?"

"I'll take the full 9 yards!" Cerena yelled as she slapped her money on the main desk.

"Ah the deluxe package! And what of the rest of you?" Rei, Lita, Mina and Amy looked at each other for a sec.

"Ah what the hell, it is half price after all." Lita said as she handed her money to the woman. The other scouts followed.

"Very good. alright, each of you will get the special deluxe treatment then. A full body massage with our patented scented hot oils, manicure, pedicure, mud bath, facial, and steam bath. I gaurantee you will leave this place feeling like a million bucks!" Cerena was practically drooling at the thought of it.

"Um, excuse me?" Cerena asked.


"Do you have any really cute guys working here?" The scouts froze and pretended like they didnt know her.

"Well, I could set you up with a massage treatment by Mr.Yamada. He is quite good you know. And may I say quite a looker." Cerenas eyes glistened as she fantasized about a major hard body massaging every square inch of her body. Madame Tengisa clapped her hands and 5 young women entered the room.

"My assistants here will take you to your own personal sessions. Its better when each person is treated privately without distraction."

"Alright! Here we go!" Cerena said as she skipped along next to the woman leading her to a door down the hallway. The rest of them walked as they were lead to different rooms not seeing the evil glare that Madame Tengisa gave along with an evil smile....

Rei was taken to a room with what looked like a dentist chair. Their were two more women in the room who helped her out of her clothes into a white robe that came up to her knees. She sat in the chair with her feet out in front of her and her hands on either side on a small table.

"Now just lay back and relax.." One of the girls said as she placed cucumber slices over Reis eyes. Rei drifted off as a women on either side did her nails as the last one slid cotton in between her toes and began to paint her nails. She giggled a little with the cotton.

"Be careful now, I am very ticklish!" Rei said jokingly.

"Is that so?" The women at her feet said. "Well we'll have to be careful then." With the cucumbers on her eyes, she could not see the women begin to change. Their ears got longer as their skin turned a light blue and their eyes became red with evil.

"Let me make you more comftorable." The woman at her feet said. She proceeded to latch special padded manacles which were attached to the chair around her ankles. "This is just in case you move and I dont smudge your nails." The woman explained. Rei didnt answer figuring it was routine proceedure and continued to drift off listening to the new age music playing over the speakers in the building.

"Yes same here as well." The women on her right said as the 2 women doing her nails strapped her wrists to the arms of the chair. "So it doesnt smudge" they both said in unison. At this point Rei felt a little uneasy. She couldnt explain it but something wasnt right. She tilted her head down to let the cucumbers fall from her eyes. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she was shocked by the three strange creatures standing in front of her.

"Wha? Who are you?" Rei said as she struggled to move. She then realised that this was all a set up by the Negaverse. They didnt answer, but one pushed a button on the console next to the chair. The whole chair began to move and before she knew it, Reis chair had transformed into a long table and she was spread eagle right on top! "What do you want with me?!" Rei yelled as she continued to struggle. Again no answer. The three women began to flex and hunch over as white wings burst forth from their backs.

"What else?" One of them said in a raspy voice. "We desire your energy." the one speaking flew straight up and landed stradling Reis waist.

"Get off me you Nega-scum!!" (sorry, this series is known for corny phrases like that) Rei yelled as she kept on struggling even with the weight of this creature on top of her. The creatures hands sprang forth digging into Reis now bare ribs. "AAAAAAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHHAA!!" Rei screamed with laughter. The creature stopped.

"Oh, I'm sorry, does that tickle?" The creature mocked. Rei didnt answer. Just prayed in her head that this wasnt what they were planning for her. The creature did it again, only more gently this time. Rei struggled not to laugh. "C'mon I know this tickles!" The creature said as she ran her fingers from her under arms, down around her breasts, swirled around her navel and stomach, and mingled at the sides with her long nails. Rei had bit her bottom lip to hold in the laughter. Then the creature gave a sinister smile and grabbed Reis sides. Rei the cracked.


"No, not yet." The creature said. With the being on her waist, and her eyes clenched, Rei didnt notice the other two beings moving in closer to her feet. The first one stopped. "Well, that was enjoyable."

" bastard! Stop this now! LET ME GO!!" Rei yelled while trying to catch her breath. She stopped to talking when she felt a nail traveling the length of each foot. "OH GOD NO!! NOT THAT!! PLEEHEEHEEZE!!!" Rei pleaded.

"Ah so thats your weak spot!" The creature said as she turned still stradling Reis waist now watching her two companions. Reis feet were around a size 7 with average size toes and slightly roughened ball and heel from her training at the Temple. But her arches which were just high enough to avoid hitting the ground when she walked were smooth and white. On the left foot, one of them raked down Reis sole with her long nails while the other slid each one of her long nails in between each toe of her right foot and began to wiggle them wildly.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!! PLEEEEEEEEEZE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I'M GOHOHOHOHOING CRAZEEEEEEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" The two at her feet stopped. The one on her waist spun around and leaned over so her and Rei were face to face. "We are far from done my young one. Prepare yourself.."


Amy was taken into the room with the mud baths. On the wall was a sign:

Please forgive the tubs. The company we ordered from sent us the wrong sized tubs so please feel free to rest your feet on the special pads on the rim.

Thank You ~ The Management

She stripped down and submerged in the thick brown liquid. She could see what they meant. The tub was a little small so she rest her ankles on the outer rim on padded grooves. One of the hosts entered and placed a wash cloth on Amys forehead and told her to just sit back and relax. The woman then pushed a button at a console and Amy could feel the bottom of the tub begin to vibrate and heat up. This was heaven! She wiggled her feet as she submerged deeper till the mud was up to her neck, and like Rei, began to drift away, unaware that the mud was begginning to thicken!

"What the?" Amy said as she tryed to move. The mud had reached the consistancy of modeling clay allowing her struggle the best she could before the mud finally the thickness of cement! "I...can't move? Hello? Is anyone there? I need some help in here!" Just then the hostess from before re-entered the room.

"Is there a problem?" The women asked.

"Yes I cant move!" Amy said trying to sound polite.

"Oh thats what is supposed to happen. That special mud hardens as the moisture from it enters the skin. When you get out, your skin will be moist and smooth!"

"Well....okay..." Amy said still a little worried.

"In the meantime, allow me to treat you to a foot massage." The woman said pulling a chair over to the bottom of the tub. The mud had hardened right up to her ankles and Amy could barely move her feet. Amy was always the petite one of the group with even more petite little feet. About a size 5 with cute little toes and smooth bottoms. Amy is not active in terms of physical activity so her feet were not worn or roughened like Reis. The woman pulled over a tray on wheels with some tubes of oil and massage tools on it. First she squirted oil in her hand and began to rub in on Amys feet.

Amy found this for some odd reason to be the most enjoyable experience she had ever gone through. It was heavenly to say the least. The reason for this was that the oil she was using was a special chemical that raised the sensitivity of her feet to the max. The woman then reached for a pumice stone and began to roll it on the underside of Amys foot.

"Hehehe...please be gentle. It tickles!" Amy said not believeing that she had. Amy had never been that ticklish in her life especially on her feet but the oils had seen to that!

"I'm sorry, I'll try to be more gentle." The woman said as she looked at Amy.....with blood red eyes. Amys eyes widened as she saw the woman turn light blue in color and her ears go all pointy.

"Wha?.....The Negaverse! What do you want with me?"

"You'll see my beauty." The woman said as she danced her nails up Amys virtually paralyzed right foot.

"Oh nohohohohoh....pleeheeheeheeheeze...not thahahat..hahahahahahahhhahahaha....please......" The woman followed with the other foot. "AAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!! PLEASE! DONT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! WHY ARE YOOHOOHOOHOO DOING THIHIHIHIS!? HAHAHAHAHAA!!" The creature didnt answer, but knelt down and began to do a "this little piggy" routine only between her toes instead of on top. Amy was going wild. Her cute high pitched laughter echoed through the room. Amy then saw another creature enter the room. "Oh god no!" She thought. And sure enough, to her horror, the other one knelt down and began an assault on her left foot. With both her feet being subjected to this torture, poor Amy lost the ability to speak, just endless spasms of laughter.


MEANWHILE...(you get the idea)

Leeta layed nude, face down on a long massage table with a towel covering her butt, waiting for her massusse. She finally heard the door open and a large, well built man enter the room.

"He looks like my old boyfriend" she thought. (fans will appreciatte that joke!) The man approached Leeta. He towered a good 6 or so feet and had flowing blach hair.

"Hello, I am Mr.Yamada. I will be your massusse today." He said in a deep, gruff voice. Leeta was still in awe at this major hotty! He pulled over a similar tray on wheels as the one in the mud bath room with similar contents on top. "First I will begin with our special hot oil treatment." He said as he squirted some in his hand. For the next 20 minutes, Mr.Yamada rubbed oil up and down Leetas back, her long legs and arms, and made sure to spend the last 5 minutes on the feet. Leeta was the tallest of the crew with about a size 9 foot with the longest toes a girl her age could have! Leeta followed her team mates in the drifting off thing. She actually was close to passing out until she heard a gong. Mr.Yamada had called for some assistance. She attempted to lift herself with her arms but found she could not move them.

"What, did he attach me to the table?" She thought. No, he hadnt. She tilted her head and could see that nothing was holding her down. The truth was, was that the oil he used was a more concentrated form of the one used on Amy. Only this one strengthed the nervous system and sensitivity while making the persons muscles so weak, that the are unable to move a their body! Only her neck and head could move freely. "HEY! WHATS GOING ON HERE?!" Leeta yelled.

"You will soon find out." Mr.Yamada said in a strange voice as he appeared to deform like he was made of clay and split in half. The two halves took the forms of the same bird-creatures that attacked the others so far. Still on her back, Leeta struggled to see behind her. She could barely see the odd creatures out of the corner of her eye.

"WHAT?!? WHATS GOING ON? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!?!" But she knew well enough, she just wanted to sound tough as usual. These two didnt waste time with dramatic build up. One of them flew up and landed stradling Leetas waist and dug into her sides. Leeta immediately burst into wild laughter.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! STOP!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH PLEEEEEEZE!! STOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOP!!!!!!!!" She screamed as the creature then draped Leetas arms over the front of the table and began to work up and down her body from her underarms, down to her sides and waist and then back up again. Leetas laughter turned into a silent struggle of laughter when she felt a pair of nails dig into her long, slender feet. Leeta felt more embarassed than any of the others because she had always been the strongest out of all the scouts. With her feet upside-down, it was a perfect position for the creature to get at those spaces between her long toes. She played with and taunted each individual toe and space between them making Leetas head shake and move like wild.

The creature at her feet stopped with the one oh Leetas back still doing her routine. She opened her mouth as a long black tongue shot out like a striking cobra and began to move wildly all over Leetas soles. Her eyes which were closed and full of tears sprang open with this new move and her lound screaming laughter returned. Leeta was dripping with sweat as her heart raced faster and faster. This was her own personal hell...

MEANWH....(oh you know)

Mina and Cerena were brought to the same room. They were told that they were running short on space so they were going to get treated together. The room had two long black tables covered with bumps looking kind of like bubble wrap. A console stood between them.

"You have the honor of trying our new miracle massage tables girls." Madame Tengisa said, being there in person for this ordeal.

"All right!" Cerena said skipping around. Cerena and Mina were first brought to a room where they were given special clothing for this. A black two piece bikini with metal receptors of some kind on them. "Whoa! Space aged!" Cerena said impressed. They were both brought back in and instucted to lay on the table in a position matching the body outline on the surface. They did so as the hosts who were now wearing lab coats of some kind placed pillows under their heads. Also, electronic head bands were placed around their heads. They said it was to measure the amount of stress leaving the body. And the girls bought it hook line and sinker.

"This is really cool!" Cerena said looking over at Mina.

"I dunno, I'm getting a bad vibe here." Mina said looking around. Cerena was going to respond until restraints wrapped around there ankles and wrists. "Now I know there is something wrong!"

"This is for your safety!" The Madame said. "These are moving tables and we want to make sure you dont fall off or anything." Before Mina could respond, the tables began to vibrate and heat up.

"Ooooh wow....this is great...." Cerena said closing her eyes.

"Stress factor Mina 235, Cerena 220" The woman at the console said.

"My you girls are tense!" The Madame said. "Take it to stage 2 level 3."

"Yes madame." The women said as she typed some info on the computer. Out from underneath each table at the bottom rose a large black metallic collumn about 5 feet tall. Each one split down the middle as a pair of mechanical hands reached out for the girls feet. Each hand was like a padded gloved hand which began to massage the girls feet and toes.

"Oooooooh yeah....thats nice..." Cerena said....drifting off (come on, you saw it coming!) But Mina wasnt! Because her bad vibes were never wrong, even with the incredible pleasure she was feeling, she still didn't feel right. She looked over at the woman at the console.

"Stress factor Mina 220, Cerena 160." She said.

"What is the matter Mina? Is something bothering you? Your stress factor is still pretty high." The Madame asked.

"Its just, something doesnt feel right." Mina said.

"Hmm, I think its time to try that new experimental massage technique." The Madame said. "Take it to Special Level X."

"Yes Madame." The woman said with a smirk.

"Experimental? I dunno about tha.." But she was cut off when 12 robotic arms, spaced equally apart, appeared on either side of the table from underneath. "What is this?"

"Okay, Endurance Level 1.5" The Madame said. The arms began to move closer to Mina as she struggled to move. The top set rested down on her shoulders, the next on her under arms, the 3rd on her ribs, 4th on her sides, 5th on her calves, and the final on her lower legs. "Now hold on!" Mina began. But she was cut off by The Madame.

"Initiate sequence!" And at that word, each hands fingers began to wiggle slowly. Mina began to giggle a little.

"Hey..hehehehhee.stohop..hehehehe..that tickes!...hehehe." Mina said a she looked over at Cerena getting the same treatment giggling about the same amount only she had fallen asleep!

"Hmm...not much reaction...." The Madame began. "Enduance Level 3.2 initiate!" The hands moved in a little closer and began to wiggle faster.

"Hahahahahaha...I said stohohohohop! hahhahahah!! turn it off! hahahahaha.." Mina yelled still not believing what was happening and that Cerena was still asleep but laughing just as loudly!

"OH what the hell. Endurance Level 9.7!!" The Madame commanded. With that, the hands digged in into her two sides and began a tickle attack worse than anything by a human! And finally, Cerenas eyes sprang open as she began to scream with laughter.


"My god Madame! Both are getting Endurance Level 9.7 but Mina is only releasing 560 energy while Cerena is at 903! Thats the highest we've had so far!" The woman said.

"Really? Well in that case, take it right to the final level." The Madame answered.

"WHAHAHAHAT?!?" Mina said in her laughter. Her question was answered when she notice that the hands that had been massaging her feet at the beginning and stopped when the tickling began were now moving again! And also 2 tiny tendrils rose up from the able and wrapped around her big toes, pulling them back. She knew what was coming and she was fearful!

"NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHAHHAHAHAA NOT THAHAHAHAHAT!! PLEEEEEZE!!! HAHAHAHAAH!!!" She screamed. Cerena was so ticklish she couldnt even speak. The hands moved forward and began to wiggle up and down both girls feet. Now physically, Mina and Cerena were pretty average. Both wore a size 7 shoe, and had toes that were pretty long and both took very good care of their feet which made the attacker not need the special oil! Both also had similar measurements. Cerena and Mina both went ballistic.

"My god! Look at these numbers!" The woman at the console said. "I dont think the computer will last much longer!"

"Nonsense!" Madame Tengisa said. "It'll hold." Both scouts were in bad shape. The arms on either side pawed and scratched at their ribcages, sides and under arms while the hands at the bottom worked on their restricted feet. Cerena was bucking and screaming wildly. Just then smoke started to come out from under the table.

"Whats going on?!" The Madame yelled.

"Its to much! The computer cant handle it!" The woman said.

"You mean shes that ticklish?!" The Madame asked as she walked over to the hysterical Cerena who was beat red with tears pouring from her eyes and skin shining with sweat. Her back arched and jumped a mile a minute as ear piercing screams came forth making a few people in the room cringe.

"MADAME!!! ITS BREAKING UP!!" The woman yelled as the console began to shoot sparks and short circuit. Zoecite then appeared in her routine whirlwind on rose petals.

"Is there a problem Tengis?" Zoecite asked.

"This particular subject is so ticklish, she is putting out way to much energy. THE COMPUTER CANT TAKE IT! Its begginning to short circuit!" Tengis yelled.

"Then shut it down." Zoecite said.

"We can't! Its stuck in this mode!" Just then Zoecite heard something was all to familiar to her from behind the door.

"MARS FIRE IGNITE!!!" And with that, flames crashed through the door sending all in the room for cover other than Zoecite who blocked it with a force field. Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Mercury were standing in the door.

"You scumbag!" Mars yelled. "We're going to make you pay for what you did to us!" Mars didnt even notice the over abundance of smoke and computer pops and fizzles of the entire system breaking down. Mina's table had gone offline and her restraints broken, but Cerenas table had not only stayed on, but was stuck that way, at Endurance Level 21!!!! Cerena had reached that "silent laughter" point of tickle torture. Any longer and she would either have a heart attack, or pop and embilism in her brain.

"CERENA!!" Jupiter yelled as she readied her attack. "JUPITER THUNDER CRASH!!" She yelled as bolts of lighting came forth and struck down the arms attacking Cerena and sent an electric pulse through the whole table that shut it down and freed Cerena, whos limp and sweaty body fell to the ground with a thump. The electric shock also reacted on the receptors on her massage uniform knocking her unconsious. Mina ran to her side and lifted he up.

"CERENA!! WAKE UP!!" She yelled. Nothing.

"Mina! Get Cerena out of here!" Mars yelled.

"Yeah! We'll take care of this Nega-slime!" (Oy these are some corny lines) Jupiter added. Mina fled the room carrying Cerena as the other 3 prepared for battle. Approaching through the blaze of electrical fire came Madame Tengisa. She looked at them with dark red eyes. She hunched over as wings sprouted up out of her back and she let out a screeching caw. And after growing about another 2 feet tall, her skin turning blue, and ears going pointy, she gave an evil fanged smile to the scouts.

"Prepare yourself!" She yelled.

"Mercury! Take care of this fire!" Jupiter yelled as she bolted at Tengis.

"Okay" Mercury yelled as she did her own thing. "MERCURY BUBBLE SMASH!!" The icy mist created by her attack made the fire die down instantly. Jupiter wasnt doing as well though. Every attack she made on Tengis was dodged only to be returned with a greater retaliation. One final strike by her left wing sent Jupiter flying into the wall with a smash. She was out cold.

"JUPITER!!" Mars yelled. "Now its our turn!!" And her and Mercury ran at Tengis. A pair of black serpentine tongues shot forth from Tengis' mouth, wrapping around Mars' and Mercurys' ankles. An electric shock through it knocked both of them out.

" head..." Mercury said as she awoke. She looked around, everything was upsidedown. No wait......she was! She called for the other scouts.

"We're here." Mars said from behind. It was then that Mercury realised that they were hanging together with their ankles together. She looked up. (or down from her point of view) Their ankles were being held together by a pair of huge bird talons. Tengis' bird talons! She was sitting on a pedastal of some sort with the 3 girls hanging off the edge held only by their ankles.

"Ready for what?"

"You'll notice if you move your feet that we are barefoot!" Mars answered. Mercury began to struggle and strain at this realization. But it was no use. Tengis looked down at the 3 pairs of feet in her grasp. Where would she begin? Jupiters long size 9's with those slender toes? Mercury's tiny little size 5's? Or maybe Mar's widley spaced toed size 7's? Tengis reached to one of her wings and pulled out some huge stiff feathers. She decided to start on Jupiter. Tengis slowly stroked the feather up Jupiters left sole from heel to ball, along the toes of both feet, and then back down her right sole in an ongoing circular pattern. Mercury and Mars could feel Jupiters body shaking as she tried to hold it in.

"C'mon Jupiter! You can do i-" Mercury began before a quick scratch on her right foot silenced her. Tengis moved it a little faster in the same pattern. Jupiter still held out. Tengis took the other 3 feathers with the one she had, placed one between each space in her fingers, and began to slide them in and out between Jupiters slender toes. Mercury and Mars had never heard Jupiter laugh the way she did at that moment. Her body thrashed and spasmed at the disomfort of the other scouts but Tengis had a firm grip. While her one hand with the feather worked, Tengis decided to try another one. Mercury squealed as she felt a pair of long nails dig into her tiny soles. Mars felt like she was going to cry. She hated to be tickled like you couldnt imagine. (like the others were enjoying it?) She knew the moment she sensed one of them stop laughing, she would be next.

"Hold it right there!" Sailor Moon yelled as she barged into the room with Sailor Venus by her side. Tengis stopped her assault as she looked up at Sailor Moon. "I thought you should know I hate to be tickled, as do my friends. I am here to put an end to your evil deeds! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!!" Tengis didnt answer, but flew straight up in the air, still with the 3 girls in its clutches, and flung them at Sailor Moon! The 3 crashed into her and all landed in a pile on the ground. Sailor Moon got up as quick as she could as Tengis was begginning her second assault.

"SAILOR MOON! LOOK OUT!" Sailor Venus yelled.

"I dont think so!" Sailor Moon yelled as she placed her hand to her forehead. "MOON....TIARA.....MAGIC!!!!" She yelled as she launched her tiara right in the path of te dive bombing Tengis. With a scream and a blast of light, Tengis shattered into dust.

After the 3 had recovered, they left the Spa together and went back to Cerenas place. They sat there in her room not believing what they had gone through.

"So how did you guys escape anyway?" Cerena asked Rei, Amy and Leeta.

"Well, you know nothing can hold me down." Rei began. "I managed to break free of my bonds in the heat of the tickle torture and turn into Sailor Mars making the attackers flee the room. I ran to the next room where Leeta was paralysed being tickled. She was red as a tomato and crying her eyes out." Leeta blushed.

"Rei! You promised you wouldnt tell!" Leeta said.

"Oh dont worry about it Leeta, your among friends, we dont care about something like that." Cerena said.

"And then.." Leeta began. "..the two of us came into the mud bath room with Amy in a concrete block with only her head and feet sticking out. She was getting the tickling of her life!" Amy blushed redder than Leeta.

"Hey Amy, I thought you said you werent ticklish." Mina said.

"I'm not, they used this special oil on my feet that made them extremely sensitive. I couldnt stand it!"

"Well, after I broke through the rock with the Jupiter Thunder Crash and Amy transformed, we came to rescue you guys." Leeta finished. Luna then entered the room.

"Hello girls, how was the Spa?" She asked. Everyone looked at her.

"You dont want to know Luna." Rei said to the puzzled Luna.

"You could say we had a real laugh down there!" Cerena said laughing. Everyone turned to her. After that they pinned her down and tickled her senseless!

another REAL oldie of mine...not as good as the Ranma one but then again I modeled it after the rather formulaic story structure of the early Sailor Moon series....I probably wrote this back in High School (90's) when they were still showing the series on WPIX (thats before Warner Brothers bought the station) in the morning before school....

And YES I am well aware NOW that Zoecite is actually a guy, but when I wrote this all I had to work with was what I saw on american for a retroactive look at my own younger selves naiivety, I chose not to edit it)
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now I'm note sure you do fetish fanfics any more but I must complement you this is great stuff I salute to you on this. Also after reading this I have a question I only ask a few people... would you like to do a collaboration with me?
How to spell their names right:

Seiya-Meteorite Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
This story was great and hilarious, and it actually could work as an episode of the show! :D
yumeriku Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
that was awesome i enjoyed reading it.
LunarKittyThings Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved this! Only wish that Tuxedo Mask was in it but other than that it was great! Felt like I was reading an actual episode.
FireFlyFeralCat Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I love ur stuff
FireFlyFeralCat Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
loooooooove iiiiiiiiit.
FireFlyFeralCat Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
oh god please please please tell me the episode number, i watched up to 50 episodes on season 1 and could not find this episode
FireFlyFeralCat Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
real good. i liked it XD (for some strang reason i wonder what it would be like if i was one of the characters in the story)

guiltyORION Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
Oh god, this was absolutely amazing. Thank you for writing this. :meow: :+fav:
yuje123 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011
man, I love this story!! Do you mind writing the second episode of this..???
CheshireCaterling Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011
Don't actually think I ever planned on a second episode actually...besides when I wrote this I was still heavily into Sailor Moon like a good 10 years ago...I can't even remember half of the details I would apply for authenticity if I was to write another one XD

Thanks either way though :D
Geezus-Sneezus Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
umm yeah i love it but 1 thing that i just have to say......umm sailor moons name is spelled with an 's'......other than that i love it
CheshireCaterling Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
Depends on the translation...I've seen it spelled both ways...and thanks :D
Geezus-Sneezus Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
ooh okay that makes sense
Spicy-Demon Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This story would have made a great episode! Just the basic idea.
Nicely done!
CheshireCaterling Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Well if it isn't the famous PandaJenn! Thank you so much for the kind words XD
Spicy-Demon Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awe, you flatter me :blush:

You're very welcome. I especially love the beginning. I would love to see more Tuxedo Mask/or Darien ticking Sailor Moon/Serena or even the other way around. I'm having a difficult time finding any art fiction with that subject matter.
CheshireCaterling Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
This is very true...surprised that someone hasn't done that yet at some point...
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
You should contribute to SailorMoonFans![link]
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
oh, sorry!didnt's see <<chose not to edit it>> and <<all I had to work with was what I saw on american TV>>.
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
but there are four things that should be changed. I am NOT saying that you HAVE TO, but that you should.1: Amy's attack is incorrect, it is called <<Mercury Bubbles Blast>> not <<Mercury Bubble Smash>>. 2: she is spelled S-E-R-E-N-A, not C-E-R-E-N-A. 3:she is spelled L-I-T-A, not L-E-E-T-A. 4: you can't use both their japanese names and their english names, without making it confusing. They are here:Serena=Usagi/Usagino. Amy=Ami. Raye=Rei. Lita=Momoko. And Mina...well...I can' remember. It is still awesome, thought.
DarkMatery Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Sue-Zan Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome story.:clap:
CheshireCaterling Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2009
Thanks :D
Sue-Zan Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
You're Welcome.:clap:
oneortheother Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Great tickle story.

Though if you could fix it so, the whole story wasn't in the "author's notes" place would be nice.
CheshireCaterling Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
There ya happy now? XD
oneortheother Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, I am delighted. Overjoyed even.

Also makes it much more conveniant if you want to download it!
xPhantomRed Featured By Owner May 27, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
Nice :D
DanielWickie Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009   Writer
Let me just say you're pretty good at writing stories like this, Cheshire. :nod: You captured each of the Senshis' personalities, even as they were tickled, and the opener really suckered me into reading on. :) Very good indeed.

However, my advice to you, for the future, is not to have those little author notes or whatever in between sentences in the story(you know, those things in the brackets). It slows down the action and any other bits, you see? And this is coming from a writer, believe me. Well, that's pretty much it. You still did a good job (even if it was a long time ago). ;p
Icequeen4657 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2009
I love the ending.
darkmagic287 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I suggest you do a picture of this. What do you think?
darkmagic287 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
TicklishSanji Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2009
I remember loving this when I first read it way way back when, like, late ninties early 2000's.
Great to see it still exists. Actually just recently I was wondering if anyone still had it.
Lauren-Tyler Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I never knew you wrote tic-fics also. I like this one a lot, and I can't wait to read the others. :D
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